Introduce yourself and check in.
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Re: Introduction

Post by yankeejib » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:23 am

Greetings. Welcome.

Nothing wrong with a 23. Unless there's cops and metal detectors, mine is usually stuck to my hip. There might even be a Glock-shaped indentation on my body at this point. IMO, the primary benefit to 9mm is magazine capacity and how many rounds I can fit into the can. 12 gauge is the home defense king.

Heavy? Yes. Although I do like 125grain .357mags. Golden Sabres (this is when Nate bursts a blood vessel in his eye). I like them for the same reasons I like .38s in the snubby: control, accuracy, and follow-up, although .357 snub full loads are a lot of fun at night. Hand dragon.

Holsters. Always a compromise. Comfort vs. security. Draw vs. conceal-ability. Etc. I have made re-holstering ability a lower priority, so Kydex is not a player. I do like it because it's easy to build/customize . I don't like it because it is so hard and scratches weapons. Leather is where it's at and it only gets better the more you wear it and sweat it up.

Now I'm going to go detail strip and clean my 23. Takes about 10 minutes.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Tye » Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:32 pm

Standard pressure 147 gr HSTs work just fine. In the testing that I've seen in gel, etc. +P brought little to nothing more to the table.
I'm not a Glock guy, prefer hammer fired, metal frame guns and leather holsters. That said, I do have 2 polymer framed, striker fired guns pretty much dedicated to pocket carry days and they work just fine (Beretta Nano and Sig P365).

Thanks for your service and carry on!

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