Let me re-introduce myself!

Introduce yourself and check in.
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Let me re-introduce myself!

Post by Matt03Z06 » Fri Aug 09, 2019 9:55 pm

Was off the board for several years, for those that have been around I was the dude that during the ammo crisis some years back would check the Wal-Mart reports for ammo coming in on the trucks at your local store.

Lot changed since then. Walmart restructured my position and I got laid off, but my wife is now a store manager for Walmart. I am now a manager at Academy Sports and Outdoors(20% discount on guns!) Moved from rural Southern Oklahoma to the capitol of Oklahoma City.

As far as guns go, I have bought a few.

Switched my carry gun from a glock 23 to a S&W 9mm Shield. Added night sights and CT laser. The Shield is the perfect size for me and I shoot it well.

Bought a Taurus G2C as a truck gun. It stays in my truck all the time. It is secured inside a somewhat hidden lockable compartment my truck has, inside that is a small safe secured by a cable around the seat post. I can’t carry at work and didn’t want to leave my carry gun in the truck, so I bought the Taurus, 200 rounds through it and shot great.

Today I picked up a Ruger LCP. I know it’s .380, said I would never carry a .380, but I have a very specific need for a very deep concealment gun at very limited times when carrying anything larger just is not an option.

Anyway, that’s it for now!

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