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Backup Holster

Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:16 am
by Nathan

I stumbled across DESBIENS GUN LEATHER while searching for holster options for MY S&W M&P 340CT. While I was specifically shopping for a pocket holster, my 340CT makes a great backup gun for when I'm able (any time I'm not working) to carry my Glock 32 (357 Sig) and since I love the concept of a "New York Reload", when I found Desbiens Covert Badger holster it immediately became the perfect solution for a need that I didn't previously realize I even had.


The holster arrived in just a couple weeks and was a perfect fit for my little J-Frame. I specifically ordered the holster with a neutral magazine cant with the cartridges pointing rearward for faster employment.


I'm pleasantly surprised to have found a way to carry a back up gun without feeling bulky and weighted down excessively. While no holster is truly comfortable (just varying degrees of discomfort), this one really isn't uncomfortable in any way. While sitting and leaning I can feel the corner of the magazine, but this is the case with all magazine carriers.


Initially I had thought that I'd found a flaw in the system. When the holster is laying flat on the table it looks like the draw stroke would be hindered by hitting the gun against the magazine. Once wearing it however, the natural curvature of your body takes the magazine out of the way giving you a clear path through which to draw.

The craftsmanship is quite good; I have no reservation comparing it to other custom makers available today. While it may not have the artistic value of Del Fatti (but let's be honest, what does?), it certainly has quality comparable to that of Sparks or even the Alessi that the Glock is riding in. @$165 it is a holster for the dedicated, but then again, the concept of a New York reload in and of itself is a concept embraced by only the dedicated. This holster fully met my expectations in quality and exceeded my expectations in function ability.

Note that I am not compensated for this endorsement; this is just one of those unique products that serves such a functional purpose that it deserves placement in our official review section and receives a full Deadeye Media endorsement.