When did you know?

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When did you know?

Postby Nathan » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:01 pm

On a warm summer night back in 1973 or 1974 (specific details are a little foggy because this was 44 years ago, and I was only four years old or so) I went for a ride with my oldest brother who would have been in his twenties at the time. I don't remember where we were going exactly or the reason for our trip but we certainly weren't out looking for any trouble. As we were coming into town on the old two lane country road there was a car coming toward us with his bright lights on. My brother flashed his brights several times to get them to dim their lights and when they wouldn't, he left his brights on too. After we passed, the car turned around and started chasing us, often times so close that their headlights would go under the view through our rear window. My brother attempted to outrun and elude them but failed when we found ourselves blocked in an alley behind a store by a truck that was left parked and by the time we got turned around we were blocked from escape by our pursuers. I remember distinctly three of the four men that got out of the car that was chasing us. Watching them approach in the headlights, I'll never forget how afraid I was that one had a tire iron in his hand, and another had a stick that resembled Buford Pusser's from the 1973 movie Walking Tall. I remember that I started to cry, and then I remember watching my brother remove his Colt Python from under his seat. He stepped out of the car and fired a single shot into the air, and then I remember watching three of the baddest looking dudes I'd ever seen before tripping over each other in a panic as they scurried like rats back to their car to flee my unimposing brother standing there all alone with his Colt. In that one single defining, life changing moment, I knew at four years old that I would carry a gun every day for the rest of my life.
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Re: When did you know?

Postby Eric_in_FL » Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:26 pm


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Re: When did you know?

Postby flymaker » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:30 pm

My moment is not as memorable. At 38 I had 6 stints placed into my heart due to block age . At 42 a triple by-pass . while I've never had a heart attack there is no damage to the heart but I was getting older . Every night on the news reports of violence , heroin , etc....I'm now 51 . 6'2'' 230 lbs. and work out at a local gym and in good shape except for about 10lbs Id like to loose . For me the triple by-pass was the " Damn " moment . while I can still hold my own and will take a ass kicken from a unharmed threat or dish one out , one must realize as we age we are perceived to be the easy target . I'm bald with a grey beard or goatee most of the time and while I still hold my size and most of my strength this younger generation wont be coming at you unarmed .... back in the day only the most hardened criminals carried guns ..now every drug dealer , street punk has one and they have no reservation in using it to make any of us a victim at their will ..... Maybe I am getting older ....maybe times have changed but in the end ...walking softly and carrying a big stick goes along way . It is my hope that I never need my gun to protect me or mine for more than a few obvious reasons , but I've educated myself on the laws in my state and train in defensive shooting tactics .....if I need it ...I will have it ....and am confident in my ability to use it under the right circumstances. Most folks walk around with the false believe that those things only happen to other people .... But anyone that's ever been attacked didn't wake up that morning knowing it ...at 51 I know (knew) 3 people that have been murdered , 2 that have been robbed at gun point and have seen a drunk pull a knife on a gas station clerk which myself and another subdued the idiot till police arrived . In my mind any husband, father , grandfather legally able should carry and prepare and do so in the event it is needed ........ Stay safe , enjoy life but be prepared. Education and training are your friends .

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