What Flashlights Are You Using

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What Flashlights Are You Using

Postby Hand and Steel » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:59 pm

What flashlights do you folks carry for everyday use? What do you keep around for emergency use?

I carry an incandescent Mini-Maglite and an incandescent Maglite Solitaire. Incandescent lights tend to illuminate an area with greater spectrum fidelity I find, even if they run batteries down quicker. My compact first aid and survival kit which I keep in my car, close by at work, and on my belt when out in the woods also has a LED Maglite Solitaire in it. For the survival kit, I use the small LED in case it has to be used for longer durations.

For general emergency use, I keep a 4 cell incandescent Maglite handy - again, the more natural light of an incandescent just seems to make it easier to see in clear detail in the dark, and Maglite products have always proven themselves to be extremely reliable and durable in my experience. I also keep a large number of magnetic or ambient LED units around for long duration area lighting during an emergency.
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Re: What Flashlights Are You Using

Postby samuelrp » Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:36 pm

I too use maglight. Four cell by the seat in the truck, and three two cells in the house/basement, and a small one near the bed. Love the maglight!
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