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Ammunition and ballistic properties.
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Ammo stock

Postby Nathan » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:14 pm

I'm noticing true premium grade defensive ammunition (Federal HST, Winchester SXT) is becoming harder and harder to find online. It took me three days to locate any fifty round boxes of 147 grain HST +P 9mm and then they only had nine boxes. I can't find any Winchester Ranger SXT 147 grain or the 127 grain +P+ (147 grain still superior, but I'll carry the 127 grain +P+ if I can't find it). The only readily available loads I can find are the Walmart grade loads such as the PDX and the WWB and while those aren't bad loads, they aren't on the same level. So, buy what you can find. Whether the fear proves to be justified or not, the Democratic control of the House is going to create a run on ammunition. So buy now, and buy as much as you can find. Even if you don't need any, buy it anyway. A year from now I fear you'll be able to double your money on it. You read it here.
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