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Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:46 pm
by Sebastian777
Just ordered a S&W 460 XVR.
Planning on mounting a scope on a Weigand base with 2-4 rings, still doing research on that part.
Searching the net, it looks like Leupold VX3 and FX2 seem to be the favorite scopes, with Bushnell Elite 3200 behind them. Are there any other good alternatives that will hold up to the recoil of a 460?

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:31 pm
by Sebastian777
So it looks like the only three scopes that seem to hold up somewhat consistently are the Bushnell Elite, Nikon Force XR, and Leupold VX-3.
The Bushnell and Nikon scopes are similarly priced, about $290. The Leupold is pushing $600. I'm going to try and get to a big box store to compare them in person, but does anyone have any experience with these on a handgun? I know Leupold has an excellent warranty, but what about Nikon and Bushnell?

Addition: Seems the Weaver Classic does have a couple of good reviews on the 460 as well. Will be checking them out too.

Side Note: I would be inclined to make the Nikon the upfront favorite, but unfortunately they only offer it with their BDC reticle, which I don't like for two reasons.

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:25 pm
by ridurall
I've got a Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA Adjustable LED Red Dot w/ RM34 Picatinny Rail Mount Sight (RM07-34) mounted on my 629 S&W Competitor out of the S&W custom shop. It's not cheap but after going through 6 "lifetime warranty" scopes while shooting Silhouette I learned you can't beat quality. So the Trijicon and a 3X Burris handgun scope are my two optics I use on handguns. Neither has given me any trouble.

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:37 pm
by Sebastian777
I'm looking for a variable zoom scope to keep my options and versatility open. I was surprised to find out that Burris scopes have failed repeatedly on the 460s and 500s. I've been calling stores for the last hour and can't find one that has even two of the four that I've been looking at. I guess handgun scopes don't sell well enough for stores to stock any selection of them. At this point, I'm considering ordering the Nikon, Bushnell, and Weaver from Amazon and returning the two I don't like, or ordering the Leupold if I'm not satisfied by any of those three.

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:49 am
by ridurall
Of course my Burris has not been on a 460 or 500 but I suspect that whomever purchased Burris has let quality drop from the era when I purchased mine. Man that is too bad, if I remember correctly Burris started when either Redfield started putting odd shaped lenses and new fangled doodads in their scopes back in the early 1970s and some of the older guys including Don Burris decided to start their own company because they preserved a quality drop in the company they were working with. What goes around comes around. Those guys have retired by now. By the way I did a check online and couldn't find any infor on Burris failing while mounted on 460s or 500s.

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:15 pm
by Sebastian777
Below are a few comments I found on Burris and the 460/500. Now that's not to say ALL of the reviews are bad, or that any of the scopes I've mentioned DIDN"T have some complaint of failure, but while I was doing my research, Burris failures just seemed to be a recurring theme.
I'm not knocking the Burris brand as this gun is a bit of an extreme torture test for a scope.

"I bought 2 Burris scopes, 1 for my Encore in 460, and it"s life span was 71 shots"

"Read a lot of bad things about the Burris and that made me go to leupold."

"a friend of mine has a .460 Smith & Wesson, and recently had a Burris scope failure."

"he'd only had the Burris for about 2 months, bought at Cabelas, fired 3 shots in the .460 and the crosshairs turned"

"i took burris with the posi lock out of the picture because i found a dozen or so reviews on cabelas saying the recticle started spinning with the 454-460 calibers."

"I started out with a Burris 1.5x4 Posi Lock on mine. It turned into a baby rattle after 9 rounds of 454 casull 300 grn Hornady XTP's"

"I just returned from range today and I'm completely thrilled (sarcasm) that my Burris 2-7X32 handgun scope is falling apart after six shots"

"He tested most popular brand of scopes and I don't remember all the results, but I remember he said that Burris had the most issues and Leupold performed the best."

"I had a Burris on my 460 that lasted about six shots as well"

"I just picked one up with the same burris scope. After 14 rounds its all over the place."

"Well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I had my first Burris scope go bad. Broke the crosshairs in a Burris 2X Handgun Scope with Posi-Lock. It was strapped on (with 3 rings no less) to my 460 shooting Hornady factory loads."

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:48 pm
by ridurall
Well I guess ole man Burris is turning over in his grave. I guess that is what you get when you let the Europeans buy out your company. That is just too bad because Burris used to stand for very high quality. Now there are different levels. I've stuck with Signature and a XTR II on my FNAR. Probably the ones that had failures were the cheaper ones. Ya get what you pay for. Even with the lifetime warranty it's no fun if your constantly having to resight in a scope because the original broke on you.

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:45 pm
by Tye
FIXED magnification, Low Power, Practice.

you won't be loose wristing a 460 for a 200 yrd shot very likely. Just close the distance!

Re: Scopes for BIG revolvers

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 6:35 pm
by Sebastian777
I went with the Weaver Classic. 2.5-8x. I won't be doing it often but I want to be able to shoot 200 yards by cranking it up to 8x and use a rest. For everything else I can use 2.5-4x. If I wanted to only do short range I would've went with the 500. The beauty of the 460 is that you can do a kill shot on a deer at 0-250 yards with no holdover.
I chose the Weaver for the wide range, good looks, cost, and I emailed Weaver and they said it's good to go on a 460. While there aren't many reviews, I don't think I saw a single one reporting it failed.
I'm mounting it with a Weigand rail and 4 rings. Weigand recommends 3 rings for the 460 and 4 with the 500. I'm going with 4 because I think it looks better than 3.