Carage robbery attempt - video

Incidents of shooting in defense of self or others.
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Carage robbery attempt - video

Postby Nathan » Wed May 20, 2015 8:25 pm happens that fast.
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Re: Carage robbery attempt - video

Postby Ohio9 » Wed May 20, 2015 9:41 pm

Impressive reaction by the citizen, but very poor performance by his firearm. It looked like him made 2-3 close range hits on one assailent, yet he still had the ability to take off running under his own power. Good thing the assailent's reaction was flight, not fight.

According to this article, the citizen in this case was an off-duty police officer (not surprising since this took place in Brazil, a nation not know for respecting citizen gun rights). Also the robber who was shot died a short distance away from the scene. ... e-invader/

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Re: Carage robbery attempt - video

Postby riadat » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:42 pm

That was heart warming. I don't want anyone to die but if someone must die? Let it be the bad guy!

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