Infringement by Watchlist

Carry law and matters dealing with the 2nd. Amendment.
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Infringement by Watchlist

Postby Hand and Steel » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:30 pm

From a newspaper article, it seems that the NRA is actually going ahead and compromising on the issue of preventing people on "terror watchlists" from legally purchasing firearms through federally licensed dealers. A lot of the talk had been over whether or not there was going to be due process.

I'd just like to draw everyone's attention to the fact that "due process", to strip a person of their firearms rights without that person even being convicted of a crime, does not necessarily mean anything more than a brief review of "evidence" and a signature. Let's also be honest about what these watchlists are - they are just that - watchlists. They are not "confirmed terrorist lists", they are just lists of people who are considered suspicious, and have included people for things as simple as converting to Islam (remember what happened to Cat Stevens?).

By making it impossible for someone on one of these lists to legally purchase a firearm through a licensed dealer, they will NOT be stopping actual terrorists from acquiring firearms. They will be setting a precedent for banning ownership of firearms to people who they don't like - libertarians, political activists, those leading non-traditional lifestyles, conspiracy theorists, people who speak out against the government, and survivalists could all find themselves on "terror watchlists" in short order. Even with due process, all that would be required for that signature would be an argument that the individual being targeted "fit the profile" or "had regular contact with suspected terrorists" - and that could be almost anyone.

And let's remember a simple fact - terrorists don't follow laws! If they can't get guns through licensed dealers, they can still get them on the street.

Let's not let ourselves be fooled by this latest attempt to infringe on our inherent, God given right to keep and bear arms. It's just another dishonest, backdoor method of trying to incrementally disarm the public. And regrettably, it shows that the NRA can't be trusted to protect our rights when it counts.

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Re: Infringement by Watchlist

Postby Dubhan » Tue Jun 21, 2016 4:44 pm

Like everything else, the meaning of "due process" has been reinterpreted in favor of the state. It used to include sufficient notice, an uninterested magistrate, and an opportunity to be heard. No longer. As the gwot continues, expect to see more and more stripped from citizens via administrative or secret processes which the founders would find laughable.

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