Honda Pioneer 1000-5

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Honda Pioneer 1000-5

Postby Nathan » Sun May 15, 2016 12:23 pm

A couple months ago my brother and I were riding around considering a new SxS for him. We looked hard at the Yamaha Viking but even though it's built off the Rhino platform it just lost the "feel" that I'd grown to love and neither of us were particularly interested in it. We stopped by the Kawasaki dealership so that he could check out the Teryx and Mule Pro and before buying he decided to take a look at the Honda dealership. I never considered the Honda line because they didn't have front lockers and where we ride if you don't have a front locker you spend more time out of your machine pulling a winch cable than you do riding. When I learned that Honda added a front locker to the new Pioneer 1000 I had to take one for a test ride myself.

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The dealership invited me to test it fully and test it I did. I was thoroughly impressed that the only way I could stick it (at least in what they had to offer for a test track) was to high center it on a pile of dirt. The stability and agility of this machine truly impressed me, especially considering its size and weight. I've been riding Rhinos long enough to know that had I taken my Rhino on that same trail I would likely have rolled it over more than once (although I'm confident the Teryx would have been just fine). Although I wasn't in the market for a new machine at the time, the Pioneer sold itself and with that test drive I decided that I wanted one but I wanted one in black so I put down a deposit and waited a month or so while the dealership ordered it for me.

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I picked up my machine about a month ago or so but it's been too cold to ride it and I've only been able to put 8 miles on it so far and much of that was dealership test drive where I had to return it to the dealership so they could clock the steering wheel. I'm really looking forward to getting this machine on the trails and while I'm waiting on stable warm weather. It's thawed out here but the mountains (where the good riding is) are still covered in snow.
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