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Load binding

Postby Nathan » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:59 pm


Loading and binding all of my ATVs on the trailers takes a solid hour and I'm looking for a way to shorten it up. I have an idea and am seeking direction on it. I plan to side load each machine leaving them all sitting sideways on the trailer. I want to pull forward and hook two 1/4" transport grade chains with hooks to the front of each machine as shown. I then want to hook two more 1/4" transport grade chains to the back of each machine as shown. After getting all machines loaded on the trailer with chains in place I want to be able to rotate one single gear reduced handle that will bind all machines simultaneously and then lock the handle to secure all machines simultaneously. I don't want to use any type of ratchet straps; transport grade chain only. The connection point from the chain to the trailer needs to be adjustable to account for different machine sizes (banjo eyelet?). I'm a natural fabricator and can build all this myself, but if something exists that has already been engineered, built and is commercially available that would save me a bunch of time that would be ideal. Tips/tricks/recommendations appreciated.
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Re: Load binding

Postby hkguy » Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:16 am

i think it will be difficult to get everthing to lock up tight on a consistant basis, meaning you will be spending more time getting all the toys in the correct spot. you might be better off using mounting chains to the trailer and use lever binders to lock them down. faster than ratcht straps but probably a touche slower than your indended method.
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Re: Load binding

Postby chris_t » Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:23 am

get several of these and the handle/straps to go with them.

I'd suggest not trying to link them and leave them independent, in the end your loads will be more secure and you'll be happier.



install under your rub rails like this:


then you could make up a set of chains & hooks to go from the front of the machines to the rub rail on the other side of the trailer.

or you could use a car tie down strap with the hooks already installed on each end to attach the front to the trailer.

everything is available at Northerntool.

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Re: Load binding

Postby mattinglyt » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:35 pm

Chris is right on for what you need to do. I am not sure how you'd fair if a DOT cop takes a good look at what you're planning. A single ratchet system is something I'd stay far away from, yeah, it may be quick to tie down if you get it to work right, but it'll be just as quick to let everything loose when it breaks. And shit does break, no matter how prepared you think you are, one tie point like that to gamble the whole load on is a bad idea.

There's a reason professional truckers use multiple tie downs. The ratchets that Chris posted work awesome and the hooks and straps can be had in a lot of configurations, even with chains and hooks on the end of the straps. Stick to at least two ties per vehicle, you aren't killing that much time to do it properly. I hate loosing a load or even having it shift so I tend to over tie stuff as well.
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