RE 200k miles and still running strong

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RE 200k miles and still running strong

Postby robalo23 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:53 am

Well, unfortunately I have discovered the hard way that GM sucks! Shortly after my 200k post my 5.3l started idling rough. It had always had a little burble at idle but this was a definite miss. This quickly got progressively worse, then finally set a P300 and P301 code. Multiple misfires, multiple misfires cyl 1. I thought no sweat, plugs were in good shape, must be coil pack. changed the coil and problem went away, for a day or 2, then it was back again. Problem got so bad that if I didnt keep my foot on the gas at a stop it would idle so low that Id loose oil pressure and engine would code P641 and go in to limp home mode.(reduced power). I called a friend who is a gm mechanic and he broke the bad news to me. He said most likely the no.1 intake lifter and camshaft were shot due to the AFM. (Automatic Fuel Management) or 4 cyl mode. What happens is when power is not required the engine will hold the intake lifters closed on 1,3,5,7 cylinders by alllowing the oil that goes to those lifters to bypass. The problem is the genius that came up with this Idea forgot that that oil also helped lubricate the lifter/cam surface. Jerry was able to run a few tests and confirm that this was indeed my issue. No 1 cyl intake valve/lifter/cam lobe were shot. Requires pulling the motor to replace the cam.
Long story shorter, repair was going to be in the 3k range. rebuild of existing engine $4800, loss of truck for 2 weeks, 12mo 12k warranty. Went to local GM dealer, They offered a new crate motor with all the defects in the 2007 to 2012 engines corrected.(there are other issues with these motors that GM doesnt want people to know about, bad rings in some, valve seals bad in some,ect) This option was expensive. Total bill $5900. Only bright sides to letting GM fix it were 3 year 100k warranty on the engine, and they gave me a loner truck for the 3 weeks it took them.(they had 4 in the shop ahead of me for the same issues.) As I couldnt sell the truck in the condition it was in I had no choice but to repair it. I know from several other friends who have Z71's that the rest of the drive train will make 400k+ so I dont feel like it was a total waste. It sucks to get the title to the truck after just paying it off and having to go back to the bank to get a loan to help pay for the repairs :(
If any of you own a 2007 to 2012 GM truck with AFM Id dump it before you hit 150k miles. For me, the new motor runs better than it ever did, but now I have a payment again.

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Re: RE 200k miles and still running strong

Postby Nathan » Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:35 am

I just sold my 2011 Chevy 2500 last week. I have no complaints about the engine, but will never buy another. Independent front suspensions might work great for soccer moms but they just don't belong on work trucks.
I'm just thankful there are so many loyal Chevy guys out there because I had no trouble unloading it.
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