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updating the ole' SA milspec

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 9:15 am
by ramjet
I have a certain itch to mess with the weapons I have now and slowly procure more. Without the wife knowing ofcourse! :D But in the meantime, I wanted to update the old springer and Get some "new" guts inside her and work on the action. I started with Wolffe Gunsprings about 5 years back, and they are great. But for this time, Wilson had its rebuild kit for super cheap and I said, why not. I ended up getting the stainless springs and pins. These all went in with the same fashion as all "mil spec" parts I guess. The one part I noticed that was slightly beefier was the sear spring. Those tangs are wide!
It was interesting breaking down the 1911 as I haven't done so in years. Sure, I field strip the gun. But seriously take everything apart and inspect as well as clean and replace...Good times! I did find that the trigger had a slight "hang up" right after the pull. So I wondered if polishing the bow and rail areas would clean it up. Lots of people claim that polishing all areas of contact but leaving the mechanism function alone is the safer way of trigger improvement. So a few strokes on the stone did bring the bow and flats to a better shine. I have yet to actually fire the gun yet. School started for the kids and having 2 jobs seriously impaired my free time. But I could "feel" if you will, a smoother action when re-assembling the 1911 and seeing the parts rub together. Hopefully all works out. If not, then more changes could be in order. That, is what I find as "fun" with 1911 platforms. It becomes part of the owner, and a symbiosis is shared. It cannot be replicated. Sure, I love my other tools. Non are safe queens. But when my springer goes on out in the field or concealed on my hip. It is truly a friend at your side.

Re: updating the ole' SA milspec

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:08 pm
by Hand and Steel
ramjet wrote:But seriously take everything apart and inspect as well as clean and replace...Good times!

Agreed! The Browning designs are so elegant once you break them down to their finest components.

Re: updating the ole' SA milspec

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:57 am
by ramjet
Late update on the Milspec. I ended up having some assembly issues for some damn reason or other. The hammer would not catch when cocked back! I stared and stared at the plunger and the mainspring. I dunno. A friend of mine from work who is a engineer/ gunsmith type promptly took it apart and put it back together with "man" hands apparently. lol the mainspring housing was not seated correctly and it interfered with the operations. Thats all. He promptly took it out to the range on the weekend for a WW2 shoot of some kind and blasted 300 rounds out of it. No hangups. I dumped another 25 over the next week and called it a day. It is dependable and seems to run real good. The trigger is noticeable and the slide seems to float easily on the rails. Good job over all. Next is to use the Smith and alexander jig to set up for a Beaver Tail grip safety.