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Post by Layec » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:02 pm

Greetings all,

I found my way to this board when I was researching for my carry setup in 2007-2008. Partly because of your carry guide, Nathan, I acquired a Glock 23, Beltman 1 1/4" Bullhide Belt, and Tucker "Answer" Holster to defend myself within neutral territory. I loaded it with 180 gr. JHP. Grey Man concept dictated dress and demeanor.

Much has changed. I joined the Air Force in 2017. I'm only E3 right now but I aspire to commission. Even if I don't get it, I'm pursuing yet another degree, this time in Software Engineering and I'll be okay if my military career doesn't take off. I love the technical-minded AF milieu I find myself in and see myself connected to the military throughout my life.

I see that 9mm has been recognized as the optimal pistol round, with functionally equivalent stopping power coupled with less recoil and greater capacity. Sign me up. I'm planning on getting Glock 19s as soon as I can afford them. I made the best decision I could 10+ years ago, but times have changed. I have a Plainfield M1 Carbine that will serve as home defense for myself and plan to buy a Mossberg Maverick 88 security for my wife. My plan is to upgrade to a Mossberg 590A1 and an as milspec-as-practical semiautomatic AR-15 (currently I'm looking at Daniel Defense) for defensive long guns.

I'm finding my way back because, of course, things have changed. I have a Tucker "Answer" holster, which is a hybrid leather/kydex holster similar to the Crossbreed Supertuck that was overwhelmingly recommended by this board in the past. Now I read arguments that pure kydex is better because the mouth of the holster doesn't collapse, making reholstering easier and less likely to cause accidental discharge. I have C-Clips on my holster because it wasn't as obvious I was carrying, and because I could take it on and off without undoing the belt. But that convenience makes it vulnerable to being taken. Is the latter important enough to trump the former?

Is going heavy still the best route to take when looking at defensive loads? Or will a lighter bullet flying at a higher velocity provide a greater advantage? Right now I'm looking at the 9mm 147 gr. +P HSTs for my defensive load when I get the aforementioned Glock 19s. Heavy AND higher velocity, and it seems that Glocks can handle the pressure even with the partially supported chamber. Thoughts?


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Re: Introduction

Post by yankeejib » Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:23 am

Greetings. Welcome.

Nothing wrong with a 23. Unless there's cops and metal detectors, mine is usually stuck to my hip. There might even be a Glock-shaped indentation on my body at this point. IMO, the primary benefit to 9mm is magazine capacity and how many rounds I can fit into the can. 12 gauge is the home defense king.

Heavy? Yes. Although I do like 125grain .357mags. Golden Sabres (this is when Nate bursts a blood vessel in his eye). I like them for the same reasons I like .38s in the snubby: control, accuracy, and follow-up, although .357 snub full loads are a lot of fun at night. Hand dragon.

Holsters. Always a compromise. Comfort vs. security. Draw vs. conceal-ability. Etc. I have made re-holstering ability a lower priority, so Kydex is not a player. I do like it because it's easy to build/customize . I don't like it because it is so hard and scratches weapons. Leather is where it's at and it only gets better the more you wear it and sweat it up.

Now I'm going to go detail strip and clean my 23. Takes about 10 minutes.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Tye » Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:32 pm

Standard pressure 147 gr HSTs work just fine. In the testing that I've seen in gel, etc. +P brought little to nothing more to the table.
I'm not a Glock guy, prefer hammer fired, metal frame guns and leather holsters. That said, I do have 2 polymer framed, striker fired guns pretty much dedicated to pocket carry days and they work just fine (Beretta Nano and Sig P365).

Thanks for your service and carry on!

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Re: Introduction

Post by Layec » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:40 pm

No there isn't. And I don't even plan on selling the 23. But 9mm seems closer to the optimum. And I've only bought one pistol out of a potential 3-4 (2 Glock 19s for me and my wife to carry, 1 Glock 26 as a BUG for me), so the time to change is now if I'm going to.

That would be something to think about with the subcompacts too, to mitigate their recoil.

My Tucker Answer holster is leather-lined for that reason. I'm not averse to holster wear on my pistols, but it was only an extra $15 and unnecessary wear just seems... gauche.

I believe I have evidence that might contradict your first point. Lucky Gunner does testing in house on the ammo they sell. They found that the +p got a little more than 3 inches more penetration compared to their standard pressure counterparts. Now, whether you think that's worth the extra kick is worth debating. Both are superior defense loads. ... ds#geltest ... ds#geltest

My only experience with DA/SA is the M9 I qualify on every year. The first trigger pull is so damn long and it throws me off every time. That and the decocker seems completely unnecessary to me. I'd probably get Marksman with my Glock, but I can't seem to do it with the M9 they give me. One of the reasons I chose a Glock was its simplicity. Sure, it has the ergonomics of a caulking gun in 3rd Gen, and the Glock trigger is nothing to write home about, but every trigger pull is the same, so it can be gotten used to.

Thank you for your support!

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