My favorite new CCW belt

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My favorite new CCW belt

Post by JamesCC » Thu May 02, 2019 11:15 am

I was looking for a new gun belt and had checked a few reviews online and I ended up trying out an EDC belt by Kore. Its the new 2.0 version that just came out and it’s awesome. I found the belt to be stiff but flexible and it has a really cool track system that is stitched into the back of the belt so I don’t have to find the right hole in the belt for fit. I feel like it’s a reusable zip tie like feel which is perfect for the various adjustments I make based on what I carry and what clothes I wear. When my sidearm is right against my waist there's no sag or slag and I get a faster draw because the belt doesn't raise up when I pull-it really keeps my gear put.  The reason I'm giving them a shout out is because I carry daily and also use the belt  professionally and this belt is by far the most comfortable gun belt I have ever bought, used or owned. I told my co-workers and literally showed them how it works and they bought a few also. Let me know what you think or what you wear as I’m curious if others have tried it out. 

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Re: My favorite new CCW belt